STARHEADBODY is an open-ended musical collective, established and led by professional skateboarder Evan Smith. Living by the motto “Everybody In”, each STARHEADBODY release features new collaborative artists, allowing a wide range of expression through experimental compositions and recording environments. Whether on the road during his skateboard travels or holed up in the woods somewhere, each project evolves through new and fluid creative processes, fueled by the input of all the artists involved. This artist-focused perspective allows Evan to share unique and memorable experiences with his collaborators and forge a unique experience for listeners with the exploration of different concepts in every new project.

Out of Evan Smith’s ever-expanding network of creative individuals, three kindred spirits have come together for STARHEADBODY’s first 6 track experimental indie-psych-pop EP, Moth Prism. Josh Unger (drums/backup vocals) and Nicholas Stein (bass/keys/vocals), joined Evan Smith (lead vocals/guitars) to write and record this EP over two weekends in a hexagonal shaped cabin in the woods. This temporary home became the six-sided Moth Prism through which they focused their creative visions and spirits. In this geometric environment, an ever-present veil of moths cascaded through the room as an exuberant stream of expression flowed between these three good friends. Seemingly random, yet eerily synced elements of nature and coincidence permeated their time together and infuses the resulting music. Overall, the creative process mirrored the life cycle of a moth as each member entered the chrysalis with their ideas, cocooned them over two weekends in the woods, and emerged with an experimental indie-psych-pop EP that explores the natural cycles of life and death, photosynthesis, and the seasons.

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